About CulturallyConnected

CulturallyConnected provides practical information and tools to enable health professionals to better support the health of children, youth, women, and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

For more information on CulturallyConnected, please contact:

  • Office of Population Health Promotion
  • BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre
  • 604.875.2424 ext. 6584


Graduate students, health professionals, consultants, advisors, designers, researchers, and service users contributed to the vision, content, cases, and spirit of CulturallyConnected. The diverse range of people involved in the development of the tool speaks to the growing need for this resource. We are grateful for the contributions of everyone associated with this project and look forward to future collaborations.

The Team behind CulturallyConnected:

The Health Literacy Team of BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services and BC Children’s Hospital and the Population Health Promotion Team of BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre collaborated as leaders in the development of CulturallyConnected.

The BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services & BC Children’s Hospital Health Literacy Team aims to enhance the mental health literacy of children, youth, and families in BC through a diverse portfolio of projects and services. The work of the team is guided by the Integrated Provincial Strategy to Promote Health Literacy in Mental Health and Addiction in BC, which establishes a framework for improving public understanding and reducing stigma related to mental health and substance use issues. The Health Literacy Team’s cross-cultural initiatives aim to address the unique mental health and substance use literacy needs of culturally and linguistically diverse families in BC. As one of the cross-cultural initiatives, CulturallyConnected supports the team’s goal of delivering evidence-informed resources to health professionals across BC working with children and youth with mental health and/or substance use challenges.

BC Women’s Population Health Promotion team aims to improve the health of women through the provision of health information and capacity development. The team is committed to enhancing the capacity of health professionals across BC to provide care to all populations of women. CulturallyConnected is a knowledge translation activity of the Newcomer Immigrant Women’s Health Project undertaken with funding from the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, and the Ministry of Health. CulturallyConnected is part of BC Women’s investment in the development of online health information and education resources for newcomer women and the health professionals who care for them, and is consistent with the understanding that health literacy refers not only to the skills of individuals, but also to the responsiveness and appropriateness of health services.